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Cleaning the Playa From Your Bicycle

(or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Smell of Vinegar)

After Burning Man, clean your bike ASAP (or have it cleaned). The sooner you do the maintenance the better. The Playa dust is alkaline (the opposite of acidic, but just as corrosive to metal). It speeds up the oxidation process (rust), dries out plastics and rubber, and generally makes things yucky. It eats everything that makes a bike a bike. Cleaning your bike well after a good Burn protects your bike and is essential to being able to use your bike in the future.

We recommend bathing the entire bike in a 500 gallon vinegar bath. Short of that, mix up a solution of water and vinegar (half and half) and use a spray bottle to apply the mixture to your bike (and anything else you want to use next year…or next week, like your lock). Scrub the dust off wherever you can get to it, then make sure to reapply lubes and grease to the appropriate areas (chain, derailleurs, hubs, bottom bracket, headset, cables).

Taking your bicycle to your local bike shop for a full tune-up (even the deluxe tune-up with bottom bracket, headset, and hub bearing repacking) is a great idea. They will use professional degreasers and cleaners that will help maintain your bicycle. If you are willing to foot the bill (or really love your Black Rock City bike) have them break down the hubs, headset, and bottom bracket and repack these with fresh grease.

Or get a rental bike from us and we’ll take care of the cleaning for you!

Check out Pedro’s line-up of environmentally responsible bicycle cleaners, degreasers, and lubes. (pedros.com/environmental_initiatives.htm)

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